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The software for managing elderly care

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What is Ankira?

Ankira is a software to help senior care providers (nursing homes, home care services, geriatric centres, etc) plan and record daily activities. 

Organise all your seniors' files in one place

Ankira aggregates all administrative, social, and clinical information of your seniors. Access information at any time and from any place. 

Create and monitorise individual plans

Establish  individual care and intervention plans based on your team’s evaluation.

Monitor the daily records created by your team in real time.

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Record daily care activities and occurrences

The Record Module is a new way of communicating with your care givers.

It is the central point where care givers access and record, in a simple and quick manner, all information regarding the daily activities.

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Analise data

Ankira makes available several statistics and indicators about the organisation as well as a number of different reports (expenses, service orders, etc.).

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