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Reinvent elderly care management in the digital age

Metatheke Software is an IT company specialized in creating solutions for the web. 

Ankira helps transform the way how people and organisations work since 2013, ultimately improving the quality of care.

Currently thousands of professionals – Technical Directors, Gerontologists, Social Workers, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Technicians, Sociocultural Animators, and Senior Assistants – trust Ankira to manage service and collaborate.

We hope you’re next.

“Using Ankira allowed organising and controlling the service of Lar S. Manuel, by analising evolution do dependence degree and organising how human resources are managed. It allowed in a quick and effective way to organise the seniors Individual Plan by integrating the objectives, clinical details, and psychosocial support. Ankira also allows checking monthly expenses – medication, material, travels, and extras – and estimates time spent on each activity per user by the staff. It also automatically generates service orders from information introduced in the Individual Plans regarding baths and hygiene, feeding, medication, among others.

  • On a socio-cultural level it is possible to plan and evaluate the different activities organised at Lar S.Manuel, by defining participants and registering individualized observations.
  • With all these features the platform is a invaluable daily tool for the institution which allows to optimise all tasks and the work of the staff.”

Inês Martins, Technical Director
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de S. João da Madeira